Sewing Machine Below 3000 In India – Review

Sewing requires training and skills and people take it up as a hobby as well as for a profession. Instead of getting a highly professional and premium sewing machine, you should get a budget sewing machine that is suitable for all the different types of stitching work.

If you have a budget of around 3000 bucks, you can easily get a good quality sewing machine. Here is the list of the best sewing machines below 3000 in India for you to choose from without any compromise in quality. 

Sewing Machine Below 3000

1) Qualimate Portable

Qualimate Portable Mini Sewing Machine with Table for Home...

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The two-speed control design of this sewing machine lets you have a customized operation. It is available in a compact and portable design for maximum space efficiency. Additionally, the product also includes multiple accessories for performing different tasks.

You can easily use it for stitching sleeves, and it is great for large projects. Furthermore, the product is also easy to operate and comes with an extension table. Moreover, this will offer you many options and serves great for a beginner. You will also find a built-in lamp that offers better illumination. With this, you can create a line stitch for primary sewing and have a better advantage.


  • Built-in lamp for better brightness.
  • Compact design for saving space.
  • Complete accessories for versatile performance.


  • Not suitable for very thick clothes. 

2) akiara mini

akiara - Makes life easy Mini Sewing Machine for Home...

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With this sewing machine, you don’t have to buy additional items. This comes in a complete package so that you can save money. Additionally, you can have strong stitching as it is available in a double-thread design. Moreover, the product also features a speed button that lets you control it according to your requirements.

One of the best things about the sewing machine is that it lets you go completely wireless. You can insert four AA batteries or choose from AC/DC adapters. Furthermore, this can perform multiple functions and serves great for any home.


  • Dual power options for user advantage.
  • Double thread design enables strong stitching.
  • Speed button for complete control.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty stitching work.

3) ASHTAAPAD Tailoring

ASHTAAPAD Tailoring Sewing Machine for Home | Mini Silai...

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Here is a sewing machine that comes in a double thread design for strong stitching. With this, there will be customized operation due to the dual speed options. Moreover, you will also find the speed button to use it according to your needs. Furthermore, this is easy to operate and serves great for beginners.

What makes this great is that it lets you power it in two different ways. Additionally, you can easily choose from four AA batteries or an AC adapter. The product is available in a compact design that enables you to save space. You can even go wireless and prevent unwanted mess.


  • Multiple power options for user convenience.
  • Dual speed options for customized operation.
  • Double thread design provides strong sewing.


  • The overall rating is slightly low.

4) AF EXPO Portable

AF EXPO Portable Mini Sewing Machine for Home Silai Tailor...

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With this sewing machine, you will be able to save your space as it comes in a compact design. This comes in an electric corded design and features two-speed controls. In this, you will find a winding pole for easy winding of the bobbins. Moreover, this lets you create wonderful designs as it can perform classic straight line sewing.

It is also easy to operate and serves great for any home. Additionally, you will also find added components including a foot pedal, needle threader, and extension table. Furthermore, it can be ideal for enhancing your creativity and lets you use it safely.


  • Foot battle design for easy operation
  • Winding pole allows easy Bobbin winding
  • Functional design for hassle-free operation


  • Durability is questionable.


ADITYA FASHION Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional...

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When you have this sewing machine, you don’t have to buy anything extra. It is available in a complete set including a foot pedal and metal bobbins. Moreover, this can easily tackle different types of thick fabrics including velvet and denim. The product also comes in a compact design for saving space.

Additionally, it lets you have custom sewing due to dual-speed controls. You can have maximum convenience as it comes with double threads. Furthermore, this will let you have an easy operation as you can press the winding pole for turning it anti-clockwise.


  • Easy winding pool for hassle-free controls.
  • Two-speed options for customized sewing.
  • Strong design for different types of fabrics.


  • The components are somewhat fragile.


CHILLAXPLUS mini sewing machine | sewing machine for home...

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The wireless design of this sewing machine will let you have better flexibility. What makes it perform great is that it comes in a double-thread design. Furthermore, you can have strong stitching, and it even features a speed button. This comes in a complete set and includes bobbins, needles, and a threader.

Moreover, you can easily choose from the auto-sewing mode or the foot pedal. The sewing machine also lets you power it with the help of batteries. It also comes in a lightweight design and lets you have easy portability. Additionally, this comes in a multifunctional design and is pre-threaded.


  • Lightweight design ensures easy portability.
  • Complete accessories eliminate buying extra items.
  • Pre-threaded design for better convenience.


  • It does not come with a manual

Buying Guide 

Power Options: You can easily find a sewing machine that lets you power it with the help of AC/DC adapters. However, there are even the ones that let you go completely wireless. All you have to do is to use AA batteries.

Accessories: With multiple accessories, you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra. This lets you perform versatile tasks, and it even lets you save money.

Speed: If you are looking to have a customized operation, consider looking for the one that comes with multiple speed options. This will also let you have complete controls, and some can also include a speed option.

Winding: Bobbin winding can be a really difficult task. You will have to go for the one that enables you to go for easy bobbin winding. In some models, you will only have to push the winding pool.

Easy to Use: Consider investing in a sewing machine that allows you to have an easy operation. It has to be ideal for a beginner and must not come with any complications.

Construction: Construction is an important factor while buying a sewing machine. You must see if it comes in a compact design so that you can save space. Additionally, it has to be lightweight so that it will be easy to carry.

Extras: You must get a sewing machine that can be great for large projects. It must tackle different types of fabrics. Some can even perform double sewing so that there will be strong stitching. There are even the ones that can come with a built-in sewing light.


We have picked the best sewing machines under a budget of 3000 bucks. However, we have not compromised with quality and features. You should check the buying guide and go through the product reviews so that you can assess the products better. You can also compare the products and purchase whichever meets your requirements. 

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