Best Measuring Tape In India 2022

A measuring tape is an essential tool that every homeowner and professional worker should have. When it comes to measuring tapes, there are various types available for different applications. Our team of experts has selected the best measuring tapes based on multiple factors so that you purchase the perfect one.

Best Measuring Tape In India

We have also included a buying guide to help make an informed purchase. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

1) STANLEY STHT43067-12

STANLEY STHT43067-12 Tylon 5 Meters Measurement Tape in...

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This measuring tape comes with a rugged rubber case, which helps to protect it from impacts. You can hold the tape comfortably as it features available an anti-slip design. Moreover, the standard length of two meters will allow having one-person control.

Furthermore, you can have a perfect grip with the double-end big hook. It ensures easy reading, thanks to the Tylon-coated blade. Additionally, the product is extremely durable and offers better accuracy. 


  • Double-end big hook for easy holding.
  • The Tylon-coated blade for long-lasting use.
  • Anti-slip design for easy usage.


  • The hook is relatively small.

2) FREEMANS Fibreglass

FREEMANS Fibreglass Leatherette Measuring Tape (50 m)

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This measuring tape is available in an extended length of 50 meters. Furthermore, the measuring tape is non-conductive and is ideal for all types of weather conditions. With this, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. It is also non-creasing and comes with a vinyl leatherette casing cover that offers maximum protection.

You can use it conveniently with a quick winding handle. Additionally, it also features heat-sealed markings for prolonged life.


  • Prolonged life with the heat-sealed markings
  • Better protection with the vinyl leatherette casing.
  • Comes in a non-conductive design.


  • It is relatively expensive.

3) IONIX inch tape

IONIX inch tape for measurement for the body, Tailor,...

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The metric and inch scale design of this measuring tape will offer you better convenience. It comes in an extended length of 5 meters. Moreover, it offers improved accuracy as it has MID certification. The 3-lock design also makes sure that you experience smooth retraction.

Additionally, you will find a heat-treated spring for reliable performance. It is also extremely durable and features a soft rubber that protects it from impacts. This measuring tape is also easy to carry, thanks to the wrist strap and belt clip.


  • Wrist strap for having quick access.
  • The belt clip for quick storage.
  • Protects from impacts with the soft rubber.


  • The build quality could be better.

4) SellnShip Sewing

SellnShip Sewing Measuring Ruler Extra Heavy Durable Double...

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This measuring tape is extremely durable with high-quality construction. Furthermore, you can use it conveniently as it offers accurate measurements. The durable double-coated design makes it great for different professionals.

It is extremely lightweight and features both centimetres and inches scale. Moreover, this tape will let you have maximum flexibility as it can bend in any shape.


  • Double-coated design for long-lasting use.
  • Flexible construction for easy measurement.
  • Includes both inches and centimeters scale.


  • Not for heavy-duty usage.

5) Healifty Retractable Fabric Measuring Tape

Healifty Retractable Fabric Measuring Tape Soft Fabric Tape...

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This measuring tape is composed of high-quality poly fibre fabric and is very durable. Moreover, it features a double colour design for easy viewing. You can easily choose from inches or centimetres and use them according to your requirements.

This one has a bandwidth of 18.5 mm and a length of 60 inches. Furthermore, it is safe to use and allows you to have easy storage.


  • Enhanced longevity with the poly fibre material.
  • Flexible design for having an easy operation.
  • Easy reading with the double colour design.


  • Relatively expensive.

6) STANLEY STHT43068-12

STANLEY STHT43068-12 Tylon 8 Meters Measurement Tape in...

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Equipped with a rugged rubber case, this measuring tape comes with impact-resistant construction. You can hold the measuring tape comfortably as it has anti-slip housing. Furthermore, it lets you have one-person control, all thanks to the ergonomic design. 

It also comes with a double-end big hook for precise measurement. The Tylon-coated blade makes sure there will be easy reading. Moreover, it offers maximum accuracy as it comes with MID certification.


  • Easy reading with the Tyson-coated blade.
  • Smooth hold with the anti-slip case.
  • Ergonomic design for one-person control.


  • The quality could be better


STANLEY STHT36127-812FCB Limited Edition FCBarcelona 5-meter...

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The high-impact ABS cover of this measuring tape ensures maximum protection. It has an attractive look with the FC Barcelona theme case. You will also find nylon coating that helps to protect it from corrosion and rusting.

With this, you don’t have to worry about scratches. Moreover, the Tru-Zero hook will make sure there will be maximum accuracy both outside and inside. Additionally, it features an automatic retraction mechanism.


  • Comes with the feature of automatic retraction.
  • Nylon coating to resist rust and corrosion.
  • The Tru-Zero hook for better accuracy.


  • It is a relatively new product.


MR LIGHT TOTAL Steel Measuring Tape (5 mx19 mm, Multicolour)

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The compact size of this measuring tape ensures easy storage and portability. It comes with a rubber cover for better protection. Moreover, it also has a three-stop button function for reliable operation. In this tape, you will find both the inch and metric measurement system.

Additionally, this will allow you to have hassle-free usage. You can have easy reading as it comes in a multi-color design. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the measuring tape will fit in your hand comfortably.


  • Maximum comfort with the ergonomic design.
  • The three-stop button function for easy operation.
  • Easy reading with the multi-color design.


  • Not for heavy-duty applications.

Buying Guide for Measuring Tape

Do You Need A Measuring Tape?

A measuring tape is essential to measure distance as well as size. You can measure any distance in your home and premises for certain calculations before construction or installation. Similarly, you can measure the size of dresses or any object for that matter. Therefore, if you need to measure the size or distance, you need a measuring tape.

What Are The Types Of Measuring Tape?

There are basically four types of measuring taps available.

Cased Measuring Tape – This is an automatic retractable measuring tape with a spring mechanism enclosed in a case. The case is sturdy and compact for easy moving. The tape also has a hook at the beginning for convenient measurement. It is suitable for taking small measurements and perfect for professional as well as home use.

Open Reel Measuring Tape – Popular among surveyors, this tape does not have a spring mechanism, and one needs to recoil manually. It is perfect for long measurements.

Diameter Measuring Tape – It is quite similar to a cased measuring tape, except its tape is more flexible and long. You can wrap the tape around anything, and it will give diameter measurement using pi for circular and cylindrical objects.

Sewing Measuring Tape – It is a basic tape the tailors use as it is highly flexible to mold around the human body and clothes.

Things To Consider While Buying Measuring Tape 

Quality: The quality of the measuring tape has to be high for better durability. Select the one that can be great for all types of weather conditions. It must prevent wear and tear and come with a quality coating that can protect it from rust and corrosion. You should also check if it offers you maximum flexibility.

Easy to Use: The measuring tape must come in an ergonomic design and provide a strong grip. It must not fall off and should have both metric and inches scale. Additionally, look for the one that comes in a colourful design for having an easy reading.

Casing: To make sure there will be maximum protection, you can see if it has a tough casing. This is a vital consideration and helps to protect from impacts. Always check if it can be great for different applications.

Length: Measuring tapes are available in different lengths. Getting the right one is a user preference, and you must check if it meets your needs.


The online market is full of various measuring tapes, but not all of them are worth your money. Hence, our team has filtered out the best measuring tapes based on multiple factors. You should check the ‘things to consider’ section before buying the measuring tape section for a better assessment of products.

Moreover, take your time to check all the measuring tapes and purchase as per your preference.

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