Best Brother Sewing Machine in India and Buying Guide

Sewing machines are one of the essential tools of every household. With the availability of sewing machines at home, you can sew clothes whenever you want. Sewing machines save both your hard-earned money and time. Mostly, women in India have a hobby of sewing. The machine is very beneficial for those who have a passion for sewing clothes and know how to design new clothes using their arts.

Foot machines are hard to use; now, there are many different types of machines available in the market. In which you do not need to work hard, press a button, and the machine will run automatically. Today, with the rising demand for new things have been discovered to do heavy and difficult tasks easily. Where earlier we used to use a machine that runs by foot, today technology has advanced so much that mini size things have been discovered.

Buying the Best Brother Sewing Machine

There are many machines available in the market, and with the endless product in the market, people usually end up buying any ordinary sewing machine. We have tried to present some of the machines of the Brother’s brand in this article with the product description. These are easily available for online purchase.

1) Brother JA 1400 

Brother JA 1400 

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The JA1400 is one of the best sewing machines from the brand Brother that deserves to be first in this list. With its gorgeous look and enormous specification, it has gained a separate fan base in India. It has a free hand sewing surface to help you with a comfortable working area for extra functions like cutting and hand sewing. This particular product from Brother JA1400 is perfect for functions like mending and sewing. It has every quality that makes it the best machine in this brand. They have 14 built-in stitches that are perfect for any stitching work. Their traditional flatbed structure is very useful for several operations. One can easily control the length and width of the stitch according to their personal comfort. It also has a DVD packed with a machine that allows the individual to learn several stitches from the beginning.


  • Four-step buttonhole
  • auto set stitch length and width
  • LED lighting


  •     Needles may break very often

2) Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine

Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine

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This one is another best machine offered by this company. It is for a simple and zig-zag stitch that mostly does all of your household work. With led light, top load bobbin three-needle position and open arm sewing make it a special one. It is a tabletop machine, so it’s very portable to use. We get used to it within 1-2 days. It is very good for zig-zag, picks, and normal stitches. It has very lightweight and can be held with one hand to move. It has less noise and a smooth motor system. Foot pressure is perfect and doesn’t require too much pressure. This box also comes with small equipment, a user manual, and DVD that help to teach stitching.


  •  Easy to move due to its lightweight
  • The top-load bobbin system
  •  Built-in light system


  • Hard to perform embroidery

3) Brother Gs-1700 V Electric Sewing Machine

Brother Gs-1700 V Electric Sewing Machine

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This brand never fails to impress its customers, and this particular machine is not an exception. With its latest innovations and high-class material, it has gained a place in the hearts of several customers. To make your life more comfortable and easier, this machine can be a perfect example. They come with all the latest features that you need to design your perfect dream dress. It is motorized and includes a controller. It has the following qualities, like 14 built-in stitches mechanisms. This has an exciting tabletop that is essential for performing cutting and minute works.


  • 4 – step buttonhole
  • Auto set stitch length and width
  • LED lighting


  • Sometimes skips stitches

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Brother Sewing Machine

If you are new to sewing machines, then this section is helpful for you. When you go to buy any machine, then there are some points that you must keep in mind. Before buying a machine of any brand, first, get information about the brand, which Brand’s machine is trending in the current time. After that, you must know about the stitching speed and quality of the machine which you liked.

  • Types of Machine

Mechanical machines are very hard to use and require a lot to control and run. If someone wants to go for daily household work, then they must prefer electronic sewing machines that are very lightweight and easy to use. Electronic machines are equipped with LED screens and touch-pad systems. On the contrary, it also depends upon you which machine you want to go for, and most comfortable using with.

  • Features

Generally, small machines are devoid of any features that are required for performing sewing operations. One must look for a machine that has all the features like automatic buttonhole maker, feed dog adjuster, lightweight, needle position, pressure feet, and power switch. So, look for the machine that can provide you with all the features you want, because at the end, at all comes down to personal preferences.

  • Compactness

Many of the sewing machines are huge and require a lot of space for easy handling. One must go for a small sewing machine that offers several other features besides its compactness. It can be easily taken to your workplace or your neighbor’s place for their use too.

  • Price

Generally, electronic sewing machines are compact and have a very lightweight for easy carrying. For a passion holder, price doesn’t play a huge role. The value and features offered by this brand are considerable with their price. They come under five to eight thousand.


Brother brand is one of the most renounced brands for sewing machines. The machine of this brand is very easy to use. Although many machines of different brands are available in the market. Still, the price of these machines is under the budget for everyone. Apart from this, it’s very easy to replace. It is not so big so you can keep it in any small place.

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