10 Best Automatic Sewing Machines In India

Sewing clothes and decorating stitching is a creative work that people take up as a hobby as well as professionally. If you are getting started and learning sewing and stitching, you need to get an automatic sewing machine. 

These machines are designed mainly for beginners, and you can change the settings easily, unlike manual sewing machines. However, there are advanced options available for professionals. Here is the list of the top 10 best automatic sewing machines in India for your consideration.

Best Automatic Sewing Machines

1) Brother Feature-Rich

Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In...

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The versatile design of this automatic sewing machine enables you to use it for different purposes. This also serves great quilting projects and lets you adjust the stitch length and width. Furthermore, it has a clear LCD display that lets you check the settings.

The foot control design allows you to power it on conveniently. This also comes with variable speed control that lets you adjust the sewing speed. Additionally, it has a quick top drop-in bobbin that can resist jams. Moreover, the high-quality construction of the sewing machine makes sure there will be long-lasting use.


  • Durable construction enhances longevity
  • LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Variable speed control for adjusting speed.


  • The instruction manual could be better. 

2) SINGER 9960

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing...

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With this automatic sewing machine, you can have maximum convenience. It features a large LCD screen so that there will be a clear display of the stitch functions. Moreover, you will also find an extension table that offers a large working area. It comes with bright LED lights that can illuminate the sewing surface.

Additionally, the stitch editing design makes it perfect for making new creations. This will also let you make tension settings and features a presser foot. Furthermore, it has a built-in needle threader and thread cutter. With the reverse function, it lets you perform reverse sewing.


  • Reverse function for reverse sewing.
  • Bright LED lights for perfect illumination.
  • The extension table provides a large working surface.


  • Construction could be sturdier.

3) Usha Janome Dream

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing...

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This one comes with a thread tension control system. The automatic sealing machine has an auto-tripping bobbin system for maintaining better safety. Moreover you can even use it for embroidery purposes as it has a drop feed. You can even use it during low light conditions as it comes with a built-in sewing light.

Additionally, it has seven built-in stitches that let you perform quilting, lace fixing, and smocking. It delivers remarkable performance and comes in a durable design. Furthermore, you will also find a compact free arm, and it has zigzag stitching compatibility.


  • Compact free arm for zigzag stitching.
  • Auto tripping bobbin system for optimal safety.
  • Drop feed design for embroidery.


  • No warranty.

4) Singer 4423 HEAVY

Singer 4423 HEAVY DUTY Electric Sewing Machine, grey

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With three different needle positioning, this one will offer maximum possibilities. The automatic sewing machine also comes with adjustable length and width. Moreover, this has built-in stitches along with an automatic buttonholer. You can have maximum convenience due to the many accessories.

The improved sewing time of 1100 SPM can be perfect for professional purposes. Additionally, you will also find a heavy-duty metal frame that enhances longevity. Furthermore, it has a high-pressure foot lifter so that there will be easy handling. You will also find a built-in sewing light for optimal visibility.


  • Fast sewing time for exceptional performance.
  • Adjustable length for user advantage.
  • Strong metal frame for long-lasting use.


  • Requires high-end threads.

5) Usha Janome Wonder

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing...

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The drop feed technology of this automatic sewing machine lets you use it for embroidery. This has improved the sewing speed of 860 SPM. You will also find a stitch selector dial for maximum convenience. Additionally, this comes with a built-in needle threader for saving time.

The LED sewing light offers can be great for low light conditions. Moreover, it has 13 built-in stitches and can perform 21 versatile functions. The thread cutter on the faceplate helps to offer better safety. Furthermore, you will also find many other accessories as well as an instruction manual.


  • Multiple built-in stitches for versatile operation.
  • Built-in needle threader for quick operation.
  • LED sewing light improves visibility.


  • The support team is unreachable.

6) Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy

Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Extra-High Speed Sewing...

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The heavy-duty construction of this automatic sewing machine offers value for money. You will also find many other accessories that make it great for professional applications. Furthermore, it features a dust cover over, and it also supports reverse stitch sewing.

The built-in reverse lever helps to reinforce stitches. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel bedplate so that there will be even sewing. This has 32 built-in stitches that let you make decorative designs. Additionally, the automatic needle threader can be perfect for saving time.


  • Stainless steel bedplate for even sewing.
  • Reverse lever for reinforced stitches
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use.


  • Lacks advanced features.

7) Usha Janome Allure

Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine...

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The built-in sewing light of this automatic sewing machine will offer better illumination. This can perform 21 applications like rolled hemming, smocking, stretch stitching, and zip fixing. You will also find two dials that can be great for stitch length and pattern selection. Additionally, it has an improved speed of 550 SPM.

This includes a carry handle and has a lightweight construction. Moreover, you will also find a detachable extension bed that can be perfect for circular stitching. Furthermore, this includes many other accessories so that you don’t have to buy anything extra.


  • Detachable extension bed for circular stitching.
  • Carry handle enables easy portability.
  • Double dial design for pattern selection.


  • Outer body material could be premium.

8) Singer Start 1306

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine (White)

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The six built-in stitches of this automatic sewing machine let you create decorative designs. This features a snap-on presser foot along with a presser foot lifter. Additionally, the simple stitch selection design makes sure there will be skip-free stitches. With this, there will be no guesswork as it comes with an easy threading buttonhole.

Moreover, you will also find a heavy-duty metal frame for long-lasting. The sewing machine also has LED lighting that improves illumination. Furthermore, it has easy threading diagrams so that you can set the machine quickly. You will also find dual spool pins for parallel rows of stitching.


  • Double spool pins enable parallel stitching.
  • Easy feeding buttonhole prevents guesswork.
  • Simple stitch selection for skip-free stitches.


  • Reverse stitching is not perfect.

9) Usha Janome Automatic

Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine with 57...

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This one comes with seven stitch functions so that there will be many possibilities. The automatic sewing machine is suitable for all types of fabrics. Moreover, you will also find a carrying handle for having easy portability. This is available in a versatile design and can perform various functions.

You will also find two dials that can be perfect for stitch length and pattern selection. Furthermore, it offers triple strength stitch for professional quality results. Additionally, it also includes many accessories including zigzag foot, zipper foot, bobbin, and thread spools.


  • Triple strength stitch offers professional results.
  • Carrying handle for easy carrying.
  • Two dials for stitch length selection.


  • Ratings are slightly low.

10) Bernette Sew & Go

Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Designs Computerized Sewing...

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Equipped with an LED light, this automatic sewing machine will let you have easy visibility. You will also find an LCD screen that includes all necessary settings. Moreover, you can have maximum convenience with the auto threader. With this, you can stitch directly through button combinations.

Furthermore, it also comes with a feed dog drop facility so that there will be perfect motion embroidery and quilting. It also comes with a full rotation drop to provide zig-zag sewing. Additionally, you can have a custom operation with the speed regulator.


  • Feed drop facility for motion embroidery.
  • The LCD screen allows checking settings.
  • Full rotation drop for zigzag sewing.


  • Suitable for beginners only.

Buying Guide for Best Automatic Sewing Machines

Do You Need An Automatic Sewing Machine?

If you are a beginner and learning to sew, an automatic sewing machine is perfect for you. For beginners, it is very difficult to learn the art of sewing with a manual machine. In fact, even professionals prefer advanced automatic sewing machines these days due to the convenience and feature-rich design. Therefore, you need an automatic sewing machine if you are going to start learning sewing as well as for professional works with faster output.

Types Of Automatic Sewing Machine 

There are two types of automatic sewing machines available. 

Single-Head Sewing Machine – These are meant for basic stitching and sewing works. They are best for monogramming and basic customized work. It is mostly suitable for small-scale work, and the price is also affordable for beginners at home. 

Multi-Head Sewing Machine – They are similar to a single-head machine, except they have two or more heads for sewing the same patterns simultaneously on different areas of the fabric. This gets the job done quickly, and professionals prefer them above single-head sewing machines.

Factors To Consider While Buying Automatic Sewing Machine 

Construction: A high-quality construction of the automatic sewing machine enhances longevity. You will have to see the overall design, and it must come with easy controls. Some can also include a foot presser. Select the one that has a compact footprint and comes in a lightweight design.

LCD Screen: With an LCD screen, there will be easy viewing of the settings. You can see if it offers a smooth surface that makes it great for different types of fabrics. Additionally, look for the one that includes built-in sewing lights.

Adjustability: Consider investing in the one that allows you to adjust the sewing speed. This is a vital consideration, and it must have improved sewing speed. A fast sewing speed will let you use it for professional purposes.


The automatic sewing machines vary a lot in their preset features and specifications. There are certain factors a buyer of an automatic sewing machine should be aware of. The buying guide contains all such different factors, and hence, you have to go through the guide before going through the product descriptions. This will help you in selecting the best out of the best machines we have selected for you.

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